Annie Laverdure-Weller, President & Founder


As a coach, consultant, author and motivational speaker, Annie is a leader within the Native American, LGBTQ, women entrepreneur and business communities. She has a special way of connecting with other small business owners, entrepreneurs and corporate executives to empower them to want to excel in both their professional and personal lives.

My 16+ years of experience as a small business owner and entrepreneur has qualified me to provide breakthrough leadership to achieve your life, small business, start-up or corporate goals. I have experience building coalitions to support business growth and implement and manage change to drive organizational performance. I have extensive experience with strategic development, brand management, sales and marketing, budget control and management.

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Destiny Laverdure-Laux, Director of Training & Programming 

I love what I do. Everyday, it’s my job to empower people to realize just how great they are! It doesn’t get much better than that. Through academic and life coaching, I help individuals discover they CAN be who they want to be and do what they want to do. Once this light bulb goes off, the fun and the work can really begin. 

I’ve spent the last ten years guiding individuals in the discovery of their own potential. I deeply believe in the power of coaching to accomplish transformative change and growth. Additionally, Annie and I both believe that a company is only as successful as the community it serves. We’re passionate about giving back and lifting up everyone we meet along the way.

Miles Weller, Therapy Dog & Ambassador of Happiness

Miles passed away in the Spring 2018. We will always remember him for his loyalty and how seriously he took his role at the Leadership Lab. His Mom and Dad and everyone else miss him very, very much.

“I believe strongly in free treats for everyone, afternoon naps throughout the day, and consistent cuddles and pets from colleagues. To be real though, I am so excited every day to get to go to work with my mom as her therapy dog and to represent good dogs around the world. My role as therapy dog and official Ambassador of Happiness for the Leadership Lab is one I take very seriously. Whether you see me romping around the office, cuddling with my auntie, or helping my mom I’m always there when you need me.”