Life Coaching

The Leadership Lab coaching begins with a personal interview to assess:

  • your current challenges and opportunities
  • we will define the scope of the relationship
  • identify priorities for action
  • establish specific desired outcomes

Between scheduled coaching sessions, you may be asked to complete specific actions that support the achievement of your personally prioritized goals. Below is an outline of typical coaching sessions. 

Academic Coaching

Let's be honest- school is hard. Exams, studying, paper writing, extracurricular activities, not to mention trying to balance a social life. Sometimes it can even begin to feel overwhelming. The Leadership Lab is here to tell you it is very possible to live a full and balanced life.


Below are specific areas we can tackle during our academic coaching sessions:

  • address school/life balance
  • create a measureable plan to meet academic goals
  • active learning strategies
  • approaches to studying course content
  • improving communication skills


Career Coaching

When you meet with one of the Leadership Lab coaches we will ask you, ‘what do you want to do?’ Do you want a promotion, looking to change your career, or want a boost in your current line of work? Working with one of our career coaches is your ticket to getting closer to the career success you want.

Working with one of our career coaches is your direct access to a professional whose expertise is in achieving career success. We can work with you on your resume, cover letter, and other documents to make sure they are in tip top shape for your target career. You'll participate in mock interviews and will tailor your coaching sessions to move towards the answers.

A Leadership Lab coach is a powerful tool that can set you apart from the competition and works directly with you so you may to live up to your true potential.


Transitional Coaching


Transitioning can mean many different things, for example are you: 

  • Transitioning into your career or a new career 
  • Shifting from high school to college 
  • Moving from military lifestyle/workforce to civilian life/civilian workforce
  • Divorcing or have a major shift in your personal life 
  • Creating a new life, a new you 
  • Needing to find and live your passions, values and vision
  • Becoming a working parent

We will teach you skills and habits to adapt and manage challenging transitions. Lets tap into your potential, so we can discover and capture opportunities that wait for you. We will explore your passions, values, strengths, interests, and core beliefs.