The leadership Lab COre 5 WORKSHOPS

We have built 5 Core Workshops to help you in your journey of becoming the best you through workshop seminars. You will work with Annie and Destiny along with other like-minded individuals that are looking for what you are looking for...attainable goals, reduction of stress, and moving forward towards success.

Workshop1: Building Your Core Strength

  • During this workshop we will:
    • assess your strengths
    • understand the life wheel and why balance is so important
    • learn how to build trust within yourself and others
    • understand how you can grow into a better you
    • and set a great foundation for goal-setting

Workshop 2: Goal Setting for the Serious

  • During this workshops we will:
    • learn how to create SMARTER goals
    • change our attitude on failing
    • finding the motivation to complete goals
    • create long-term vision
    • make the very most of your life

Workshop 3: Framing Leadership

  • During this workshop we will:
    • build your leadership strength
    • renovate your leadership from the inside out
    • learn how to set a vision
    • managing direction for yourself and your team
    • learn how to become a coach for your team

Workshop 4: Greater Productivity

  • During this workshop we will:
    • learn how to attach greater physical and mental energy to a task
    • learn how to use technology to you advantage
    • gain clarity about your professional and personal priorities
    • empower the people around you to be more productive
    • learn how to automate and systematize your daily routine

Workshop 5: Life Management

  • During this workshop we will:
    • learn how manage stress
    • learn how to use time management tools correctly
    • create your own personal strategic toolkit