Leadership Lab Academy Programs

To respect, listen, support, encourage, inspire and motivate our clients to excel in all areas. We strive to open minds to options and plans of action that will take our clients to the next level of success in ways they did not believe was possible. By helping to bring clarity to priorities, strategies and opportunities within our clients professional and personal lives so they may achieve the exceptional results they desire. 

Leadership Lab Academy Veteran Life/Academic/Transitional Career Readiness Program

We offer three custom created veteran programs:

  • Veteran Career Readiness Program
  • Veteran Academic Readiness Program
  • Veteran Transitional Readiness Program

We offer 4 cohorts per year:

  • Winter (January - March)
  • Spring (April - June)
  • Summer (July - September)
  • Fall (October - December)

Program Outline:

  • 6 weeks of workshops
  • Mandatory 3 months of 1:1 coaching
  • Up to 1-2 years of on-going 1:1 coaching
  • Mastermind Group Participation up to 1 year

Program Goals

  • Career Transition Issues
  • Translating military skills/duties into civilian terms
  • Reconnecting to the civilian workforce structure
  • Communicating with co-workers and management
  • Tackle Academic Transition Issues
  • Navigating the Academic System/GI Bill
  • Dealing Social Isolation
  • Budgeting & Expenses Personal Transition Issues
  • Communication
  • Creating structure
  • Joining or creating a new community
  • Re-establishing family roles or adjusting
  • Mental and physical health

Leadership Lab Academy Native American Youth Academic Readiness Program

Our Winter Break and Spring Break custom created Native American Youth Program starts with 6-days of concentrated Leadership Lab Academy workshops.

Our Summer schedule is taught over 6-weeks and includes 2 field trips.

Both program tracks includes 1:1 coaching during the workshop and continues with 3-6 months of 1:1 coaching. We do offer up to 3 years of on-going 1:1 academic/career/life coaching for youth (ages 14-22) so they may prepare for life, college or trade schools and build important leadership skills.  

We offer 3 cohorts per year:

  • Winter (December)
  • Spring (March)
  • Summer (June)

Program Goals

  • Build leadership skills and community leadership skills by exploring leadership performance and effectiveness
  • Align work skills and talents to meet professional and personal goals
  • Life/Work/School balance strategies
  • Create a measurable plans to meet academic and personal goals
  • Improving and learning communication skills
  • Create future Tribal Leaders
  • Build community among the youth
  • Build strong bonds and bridges between Urban Native American and Rural Native American youth